2018 BCN Supplier report

Craig Stein President, Geo. M. Martin Emeryville, CA: 2018 promises to be a highly productive year for the Geo. M. Martin Company. As the year begins Craig Stein joins the company as President, while outgoing President Robert Morgan is elevated to a position on the Board of Directors. Mr. Stein reports, “2017 was a very busy year for the Geo. M. Martin Company.  We had significant success with customers in North America as well as internationally.  We expect this trend to continue as we go into 2018 with a very healthy production backlog. I personally see significant opportunities for our company to continue to be a major partner to our customers as we work together for new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

“On the product front,” Stein stated, “our patented Scrubber® Technology can now be utilized for smaller independent box plants, as we introduced a version of the Scrubber better suited for this market.” Additionally, existing machines that are in the field can also be retrofitted with Geo Martin’s Scrubber Technology. Said Stein, “The Scrubber’s patented upper and adjustable lower offset wheel assemblies combine with unique scrappers and strategically located brushes to eliminate virtually all scrap before the blanks are placed on the stacking deck.  In 2017 we installed our stacker with Scrubber Technology at several international plants and we have received orders from many more international converters in 2018.”

In 2017, Geo Martin’s Quick-Break® II nicked bundle line systems continued to have great success with converters globally. “In early 2018 we will introduce several enhancements that will increase our Breaker performance,” added Stein. The Quick-Break III will feature significantly faster cycle speed, a soft stop/start break and pull cycle, and unique multi-function ‘gapless’ upper platen. Combined, these upgrades will further increase customer efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, the company will continue to ramp up investment in R&D as it heads into 2018. By growing more investment in this area, Geo Martin sustains its commitment to helping its customers achieve maximum efficiency and success. Stein explained as follows: “there are many new innovations that we will be focusing on for all of our customers globally. Here at Geo M. Martin, we are committed to leading the industry in innovative equipment for our customers’ competitive advantage.”

As the new President of the company, Stein is proud of its accomplishments in 2017 and is confident of an auspicious future under his leadership. He holds the company in high regards, and is excited to now be such an integral part of it. “One of the best things about Geo M. Martin is having the opportunity to work with so many loyal customers,” Stein declared. “We have excellent collaboration with our customers, which truly contributed to our terrific 2017. Without our customers, we are nothing, so I personally want to thank you all for helping us be successful and I look forward to personally visiting as many of you as I can in 2018.”

For information on our existing and exciting new products please call us at 510-652-2200 or email us at info@geomartin.com