In 1929, at the start of the great depression George M. Martin established a new company that specialized in high quality, highly intricate machine shop work. He catered to the shipping industry, focusing on gear cutting and marine engine repairs, as well as the mining industry, manufacturing diamond-drilling equipment for the construction of the Shasta Dam. As his success became known, he expanded the company into a service-support group for dairies, city municipalities, and the local printing industry.

In the early 1950’s, Geo. M. Martin Company began work with California Container Corporation, manufacturing press stackers as their entry to the corrugated container industry. By the 1960’s, Merrill D. Martin had become the company’s design specialist, steering the company into numerous new and innovative products that set industry standards for high performance and unmatched reliability.

Over 90 years later, the Geo. M. Martin Company remains focused on manufacturing innovative, high performance equipment that exceeds converter expectations. Responsive to customer needs, the Geo. M. Martin Company views itself as a “solution-oriented” company, offering state-of-the-art equipment with unmatched after-sales service and support that ensure customer success. Values established by George Martin in 1929, continue to guide the company’s success.