ProCheck Machine Health Check plans

ProCheck efficient health check-up

Improve Your Equipment and Empower Your Personnel by Taking a Proactive Approach

The combination of running machine observation and downtime inspection by an onsite Martin technician leads to the best results.

Routine operator education promotes safe and competent practices, and efficient, productive operations.

The ProCheck plans place Geo. Martin technicians onsite in your facility for a three or four day visit that includes machine operational observation, physical inspection, tuning and adjustments for maximized quality and productivity, and operator training.

Geo Martin Pro Check Plans surveys help keep your Geo Martin equipment in top operating condition.
  • Regularly scheduled machine inspections and operator training
  • Issues corrected during scheduled downtime
  • Generated reports to enable proactive maintenance plans
  • Subscription plans for manageable monthly payments, or Standard post visit billing

Reduce Unscheduled Down Time

Martin technicians performing regularly scheduled ProChecks effectively address potential failures ahead of time and allow for adjustments during regular PM cycles.

Improved Production Rates

With the increasing sophistication and complexity of machinery, periodic tuning of the machinery is required to keep the machine running at factory specifications. The Martin technician will tune machinery on each ProCheck visit. The Martin technician will work with operators to find out if there are any ongoing issues that they are having with the machinery and address any issues found.

Ongoing Operator and Maintenance Training

Empower your operators and maintenance personnel by providing them with dedicated Martin technician time to inquiry about inefficiencies and improvement strategies.

Reduce Machine Operating Costs

As part of ProCheck Subscriptions, customers will receive a discounted rate (based on subscription plan) on recommended parts to be replaced along with retrofits to improve machine efficiency. Furthermore, this allows customers to order parts and ship them in advance. This proactive approach will reduce shipping costs which often exceed the cost of the part. In addition, if a Martin technician is required this can be scheduled in advance instead of incurring the additional cost of an emergency service visit.

Recommend Upgrades

The Martin Company is continually improving our products, as part of the Health Check report a list of upgrades will be provided.

Annual Software Upgrades

George Martin software is continually being improved for performance, reliability, and usability. Part of the ProCheck plan will include software upgrades when applicable.

ProCheck Advantages

Geo Martin Pro Check Plans surveys help keep your Geo Martin equipment a top performer.

Maximize Run Time

Continuous Training

Effective Maintenance Practices

Flexible Billing Plans

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