Bundle Line Components

Bundle Line – Single Source, Versatility, Productivity, Efficiency

Geo. M. Martin is your single source supplier for complete bundle lines. Maximum efficiency and productivity in diecutting comes from a combination of the greatest possible operating speed and optimum ‘per feed’ output. Multi-up and out and nicked bundle layouts allow boxmakers to capitalize on their die-cutter capabilities by maximizing the use of the die-cutting area.

Nicked bundles running multi-up or out can allow boxmakers to easily double or triple their diecutter productivity and efficiency without investing in additional diecutter lines.

Geo. Martin offers a full range of bundle line components that may be integrated into a configuration that best meets the customer’s requirements whether it is a dedicated bundle line, covers a wide ranging product mix including multi-out bundle and stack needs and handles typical and atypical die-cut bundles while providing consistent, high-quality stacking, breaking and palletizing of odd count, unique shaped and deeply nested bundles.

Quik-Break III

Quik-Break™III Nicked Bundle Breaker


Bundle Transfer System (BTS)

LBX:SCRUBBER Stacker unmatched scrap removal

Log Transfer System (LTS)


Bundle Line Conveyor (BLC)

Quik-Break III nicked bundle breaker separates bundles of niched die-cuts

Quik-Lift Conveyor bundle / stack versatility

Quik-Park Bundle Conveyor

Quik-Corner III

Quik-Corner™ III Conveyor

Bundle Inverter flips bundles of corrugated die-cuts

Bundle Inverter

Twin Bundle Rotator (TBR) can rotate to bundles of corrugated simultaneously

Twin Bundle Rotator

Log Rotator

Geo. Martin Bundle Log Rotator

Martin Shrink Wrap Tunnel for wrapping die-cut bundles

Martin-66 Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Quik-Former™ Semi-Automatic Load Former for building units of die-cut bundles

Quik-Former Semi-Automatic Load Former

Quik-Corner III multi-directional conveyor

Pozi-Link™ Conveyor (PLZ) Flat Conveyor

Bundle Doubler, stacks two bundles into one

Geo. Martin Bundle Doubler

Stack Inverter used to flip stacks of corrugated sheets or blanks

Stack Inverter

Stop And Square for Flexo bundles

Stop-And-Square Flexo Bundle Squaring Unit

Geo. Martin Pallet Insert automatically insert under stacker frontend

Automatic Pallet Handler-Inserter