Bundle Inverter – Model 2

Versatile Bundle Inverter for All Bundleline

Geo. Martin Company’s High Speed – Model 2 Bundle Inverter fits into all bundle conveyor lines, improving the existing system’s capability without sacrificing performance. Compact in design, the Model 2 System has positive control of multiple up bundles, and uses a variable speed drive for quick entry, rotation, and ejection. The BI2 RDC model can control and invert bundles in the multiple up and multiple across configurations.

Bundle Inverter flips bundles of corrugated die-cuts
  • Minimum footprint
  • Fits into any new or existing powered bundle conveyor line
  • High speed performance
  • Positive multi across and up bundle control (RDC model only)
  • Top and bottom conveying belts with servo actuated clamp
  • Pneumatic auto-leveling belt system for variation in bundle height (RDC model only)
  • High quality shaft-mounted gear motors power the conveyors
  • Proven ring drive system provides fast, smooth rotation
  • Control panel on operator side with ZES standard
  • Built-in metering gate
  • Custom upstream interface (price dependent on plant layout)
  • Pneumatic Compliant Arms may be requested on FFG models. (standard on RDC models)