Pallet Handler System

Dispense Pallets Effortlessly and Safely

Pallet handling by hand is cumbersome and challenging. The solution is a Geo. M. Martin Company Pallet Handler that dispenses pallets effortlessly without operator intervention. Regardless of the pallet orientation, size or height, this system dispenses stacked, same-size pallets automatically. For single or multi-stack applications, the Pallet Handler will solve your pallet dispensing needs.

Geo. Martin Pallet Insert automatically insert under stacker frontend
  • Dispenses single pallets on demand at a convenient 12” TOR height.
  • Gently lifts a stack of same-size pallets with four point grippers or mini-forks.
  • Both grippers and mini-forks are provided to allow any pallet orientation.
  • Self-contained hydraulic power unit provides strong and smooth motions. Both lifting and rollers powered under hydraulic control.
  • Energy-saving program enables the Pallet Handler to run only when pallets are needed.
  • System is floor mounted and has a small footprint that enables the Pallet Handler to be used in tight layout areas.
  • Protective fork truck stops standard.
  • Single main enclosure on the operator’s side of the machine for both full manual and automatic modes.
  • Both sides and the front of the pallet unstacking zone have 6’ tall guards to contain the stack of pallets.
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