Bundle Line Conveyor

Complete System Solutions for Maximum Productivity

Geo. Martin can provide complete system solutions, which may include the Stacker, BOS/BOL System, Bundle Separator, Bundle Inverters/Rotators, and/or Load Former. Our Bundle Line Conveyor System with specialized components tie these machines together into a single sourced, highly integrated system.

Powered Bundle Conveyor with “Traffic Cop” Controls:
Heavy-Duty Bundle Conveyor moves the formed bundle pattern from the Quik-Corner to the loadformer, using a “traffic cop” control system to ensure total bundle separation and no interleaving of bundles, multi-bundle sweeping for fast loadforming. Should the loadformer operator not be able to keep up, the control system will slowly stop the material flow in a controlled, sequenced manner, including the interruption of the bundle separator and if needed, the RDC Stacker. As the backup is cleared, a gradual resumption of the conveyors occurs.

LBX Scrubber Rotary Die Cutter Stacker. Increase productivity and virtually eliminate scrap in your loads!
  • Positive transfer and control of bundles
  • Integrated bundle conveyor controls
  • Fast cycle rates
  • Individual shut-off switch on each section
  • Roll-out kit – for removable sections of conveyor
  • Special-use conveyors – see Quik-Park and Quik-Lift for information