Flexo Bundle Squaring Station

Bundle DoublerThe perfect solution for perfectly square bundles

This machine is the perfect mate to your bundle strapper. It is simple to install and very effective at re-squaring bundles of the same size. Bundles are stopped one at a time with a vertical plate, and then squared from all sides.

A rugged pneumatically driven bundle stop provides broad support as the bundle is straightened. It moves away from the bundles as it rises.
Available with an optional hold-down with split backstop to control small springy, unstable bundles traveling from the straightening area to the bundle strapper.

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  • Straightens 15 to 20 bundles per minute from all four sides
  • Minimal setup for each bundle size.
  • All setups are made with single-point adjustments.
  • The side pusher plates move symmetrically to square bundles laterally.
  • Rear squaring roller assemblies (one on each side) swing in behind bundles to square them against the bundle stop plate.
  • Comes with its own conveyor for easy installation.
  • Includes brakes within the conveyor that control the flow of bundles through the machine.
  • Included wheels allow operators to adjust machine laterally to account for offset rectangular boxes.
  • Center hold down to control unstable bundles