SCRUBBER® Conveyor System

LBX SCRUBBER Scrap Conveyor

Self Cleaning Conveyor Eliminates Build-up

The Geo. M. Martin SCRUBBER Scrap Conveyor and its automatic self clean features solve the classic problem associated with typical scrap conveyors and also avoid the problems created by the air type conveyor systems.

The Scrubber Scrap Conveyor’s Self-Cleaning design uses the Trim Chute as a large vacuum cleaner to clear scrap and dust from between and underneath the belts. A series of blower nozzles periodically clean out the scrap and dust from inside of the belt, leaving it under the conveyor in the pit. Each time the Scrubber rolls out, vacuum flow is channeled into the pit. This pulls air through an Operator-side Scrap Grate on the ramp, then sucks up any scrap or dust that collects inside the pit.






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  • Integrated with die cutter – contains and controls scrap and dust
  • Rugged, modular plastic belting driven with cogs
  • Elevates Operators for easier die board mounting
  • Hinged Operator-side Scrap Grate for easy cleanup
  • Low utility operating costs
  • Self-cleaning
  • Standardized trim chute connection
  • Removes scrap and dust between belt
  • Eliminates Scrap and Dust Build-up
  • Eliminates Torn Belts
  • No belt tracking problems
  • Self Cleaning
  • Easier Access to Diecutter and Stacker