MARTIN/ARPAC-66 Shrink Wrap Tunnel

The only Shrink Wrap System specifically design for Quik-Break bundlelines

The Geo. Martin Company and ARPAC have teamed up to develop the MARTIN/ARPAC-66 Shrink Wrap Tunnel, specifically designed for integration into a Martin Quik-Break Bundle Line System.

A true inline system, the Martin/ARPAC does not require additional, or side track, conveyor. The system is capable of quickly changing from single through bundle shrink wrap production, to multi-wide pass-through production. Engineered with an extra wide extra tall, 66” x 18” throat the system is capable of handling typical Martin high capacity bundleline production.

Product flow is synchronized to line speed and product size to optimize shrink wrapping and maximize production.

Martin-66 Shrink Wrap Tunnel
  • Side loading film rack for ease of operator use
  • Ability to switch between single in-line shrink wrapping and multiple wide, bundle pass-through.
  • Pass-through mode allows Martin Bundle Line Control Systems to manage/maximize internal flow of shrink wrap tunnel for expanded bundle storage/accumulation.
  • Extra-wide and tall throat conveyor (66” W X 18”H) to handle typical Martin Bundle
  • Line multi-wide bundle production.
  • Narrow drive side design to allow shrink wrap tunnel centerline to align with load former table.
  • Manually controlled heat chamber flaps and side rollers to isolate product when in pass-through mode.
  • Improved production rates by synchronizing and optimizing conveyor flow and
  • speeds based on product size.
  • Seamless integration with Martin Traffic Cop to start and stop the flow of bundles efficiently and automatically.
  • Downloaded order information from the Martin Bundle Breaker.
  • Side Seal
  • Jib crane for lifting of film rollers
  • Metering and squaring section upstream of shrink-wrap machine