Quik-Break III Nicked Bundle Separator

The latest generation of enhanced productivity

It takes only minutes to set up the Quik-Break III nicked bundle separator; however, the setup savings don’t stop there. When using the Quik-Break III, the savings are passed along to the stacker and press operations, as multi-out jobs are treated as a single, one up operation and the complications of multi-out setups are eliminated.

The QB-III bundle breaker features significantly faster cycle speed, a soft stop/start break and pull cycle, and unique multi-function “gapless” upper platen which eliminates edge roll on small bundles. The upper platens can be set to apply equal pressure when running variable bundle log heights, or to operate even faster as a solid platen for most one across bundle logs.

Quik-Break III
  • NEW Upgraded Dual Air Bag Platens
  • NEW Improved Quick response Liquid cooled proportional hydraulics
  • 68” (1727mm) or 92” (2337 mm) max operating width
  • Unique multi-function ‘gapless’ upper platen
  • Soft start/stop ‘Break and Pull’ separation cycle
  • ‘Batch Mode’ indexing improves cycle-time for small die-cut
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking
  • Automatic platen offset for nested bundles
  • Automatic bundle height sensing
  • Smooth excel/decel control for transfer of tall bundles
  • Touch screen interface with built-in diagnostics
  • Single point entry system with B&R Geo. Martin Stackers
  • Dramatically increases throughput on Rotary Die Cutters, Flexo Folder-Gluers, and Flat Bed Die Cutters
  • No upper edge roll or marking on small width bundles
  • Auto-Compensating Platen allows separation of multi-across bundles in single cycle
  • Maximizes full width of stacker and press
  • Increased productivity as properly nicked jobs run more reliably than small single out blanks
  • Separates bundles with straight, interleaved, and nested die-cut configurations
  • Quick setup
  • Heavy Duty construction and Low Maintenance design with fewer moving parts
  • Advanced Break Stall Detection enables Auto Rebreaking of bundles

Auto-Compensating Platen

The patented QB3 Auto-Compensating Platten, automatically adjusts for uneven bundle heights
QB III Batch Mode for efficient breaking of small batches