Quik-Former™ semi-automatic loadformer

Fast operation, heavy-duty construction, versatile and safe — all in an economical package

The Quik-Former™ semi-automatic loadformer completes the Geo. M. Martin Company’s nicked bundle separator system, and with its high speed cycle rates, will keep pace with any Die-cutter or Flexo Folder-Gluer line. The advantages of Martin’s Quik-Former go beyond the increased productivity, and include reduced operator fatigue and the resulting risk of job related injury. With all work being presented at the operator’s level, Quik-Former allows for quick, safe, and easy building of solid, well formed stacks without the need for repetitive bending or lifting of heavy bundles.

The Quik-Former design provides a versatile and economic solution for today’s loadforming needs. The standard features provide the versatility and smooth operation necessary to form neat square loads and maintain maximum productivity.

Quik-Former™ Semi-Automatic Load Former
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Reversible operator side
  • Hard anodized aluminum stripper plate
  • Durable, long-wearing, Kevlar™ reinforced timing belts
  • Innovative Load Compression sensing technology
  • Fast cycle times with smooth load transfer
  • Proportional Hydraulic System
  • Air table for heavy bundles
  • Easy-Form auto-cycle for 1-up or 2-up loads
  • Pallet squaring and positioning system
  • High stack capability
  • No-pit configuration
  • Smooth operation eliminates the “go/stop” action associated with non-proportional systems
  • Less maintenance than required with “go/stop” hydraulic systems
  • Optical encoders provide digital position feedback
  • Maintained integrity of finished stacks
  • Hydraulic unit mounted over stripper plate reduces the machine’s footprint
    • Provides easy access for maintenance
    • Offers additional protection against damage
  • Pop-up filter flow indicator visually informs crews when the filter is in need of replacement, or flow has been impeded
  • Programmable soft-start conveyor to eliminate the “on/off” operation that can lead to unstable loads and spillage
  • Full width elevator with belt over roller design for enhanced traction and smoother operation
  • Auto-tracking of belt reduces maintenance and extends belt life
  • Programmable accelerate/decelerate to quickly eject loads while maintaining their square, ship ready form