SBX: SCRUBBER® Rotary Diecutter Stacker

Superior Sheet Control with Enhanced Scrap Removal

Deliver exceptional sheet control with unmatched scrap removal at today’s and tomorrow’s maximum press speeds.

The SBX Series Stackers offer a high output material handling solution for converters who require high-performance, exceptional scrap removal capabilities, perfectly square strap-ready stacks and bundles, but don’t require the high-end technology of the LBX Series Stackers.

Multiple rows of top and bottom wheels deliver positive sheet control even when operating at maximum press speeds. By placing boxes in a precise manner, collection at the stacker’s hopper becomes routine, and highly consistent.

Offset rows of non-marring wheels replace the round transfer belts in of the conventional layboy section to provide precise and superior sheet control through the Scrubber layboy section. The patented wheel design works in tandem with full-width scraper and full-width shingle brush provide enhanced scrap removal at all speeds.

Perfect, square, clean, shrink wrap or strap ready stacks and bundles at maximum speed!


SBX: SCRUBBER® Rotary Die Cutter Stacker
SCRUBBER Clamshell opens fully for safe and easy housekeeping and maintenance

Superior Sheet Control 

Scrubber Technology is a patented geo Martin layboy design that uses a unique combination of non-marring wheels to provide superior sheet control to create perfect, square strap ready stacks and bundles and eliminate jams that cause lost productivity and waste.

Enhanced Scrap Removal

Your customers don’t want scrap in their loads that can cause automated packaging systems to jam. You can’t afford to deal with scrap that causes jams and lost productivity in your die cut lines. The combination of offset upper and lower layboy wheels, brushes and scrapers provide the enhanced scrap removal that will keep you customers happy and save you time and money.

The SCRUBBER’s unique design eliminates scrap handling

  • Belts have been replaced by multiple rows of offset wheels that provide ample room for scrap to fall through to the scrap conveyor system.
  • Internal brush contains and sweeps scrap from the top of the blank prior to Scrubber exit
  • Opposing final brushes capture and remove any lingering scrap
  • All axes motorized (unless noted)
  • Center spaced upper and lower transfer wheels
  • Replaceable high friction, non-marring lower wheel treads
  • Die cutter zone control (auto set)
  • Tilt open easy access upper scrubber deck
  • Full width long shingle brush
  • Auto nip adjust
  • Single full width scraper (auto set)
  • Smart-Stak control system
  • Job memory
  • 5” wide fixed deck belts with close centers
  • Carriage Style Snubbing Wheels
  • Deck Mounted Carriage Style Snubbing wheels
  • Batch Builder Kit
  • Pozi-Level ™ Accumulator
  • Proportional Hydraulics
  • Deck Lock-Out (DL-O) System
  • Single and Multi-Up Stacks and Bundles Capabilities
  • 1-Out by 4-Up capability
  • Smart-Sync Pozi-Stack front end assembly;
  • Solid backstop
  • Mid-span cross rail with Thin Dividers
  • Dual side joggers
  • Patented LCS Safety System with System Indicators & Fault Detection
  • IES and ZES controls conveniently located on operator workstation
  • Deck Lock-Out (DL-O) system
  • Soft-Stop System
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Diverting Transfer Deck (DVT) with automatic positioning for 4-Across capabilities
  • Scrubber Mounted secondary touch screen system
  • Zero Crush Snubbing Roller
  • Zero Feed Interrupt (ZFI)
  • Auto Set Smart-Sync Joggers
  • Multi-Sensor Jam Detection
  • Ventilated Manifold
  • Lead Edge Catcher (LEC)
  • Deck Access Package (DAP)
  • Length Quality Control (LQC)
  • Auto download to Quik-Break III