SELECT® LCS Rotary Die Cutter Stacker

Unchallenged Versatility and Performance
If your product mix calls for multi-ups and outs, high quality graphics, full stacks and bundles, quick setups, short runs or just hard performing 24/7 operation, the Martin Select-LCS Rotary Diecutter Stacker will meet and exceed the call to perform. The Select isn’t the stacker the industry grew up on. With standard features such as the state-of-the-art ‘Smart-Stak’ Order Entry System, EZ-Set Layboy Section, proportional hydraulics, Pozi-Level, Pozi-Stack II front end system with Access Style Backstop, EZ-Adjust Cross Rail, and LCS safety system, the Select combines safety, versatility, durability and high performance to be the industry’s leader in rotary diecutter stackers. A full list of quality, labor reducing, productivity enhancing options, allow you to customize the Select to exactly meet your specific production needs. Like all Martin stackers, the Select is designed for easy field upgrading and conversion to keep your company at the forefront of an ever-changing market.

Select-LCS Rotary Die Cutter Stacker meets your requirements for multi-ups and outs, high quality graphics, full stacks and bundles!
  • Single and Multi-Up Stacks and Bundles
  • 3-Across by 4-Up capability
  • High Boardline, 42”– 48”
  • Smart-Stak Order Entry System with Large Color Touchscreen
  • Pozi-Stack System II front end system with,
    • Access-style backstops
    • EZ-Adjust Cross Rail, with relocated fixed cross rail, for greater access to hopper
    • Thin-style Dividers
    • Sync Style Tampers
  • Air Cushion Nozzle system
  • Round/Link belting
  • Deck Lock-out (DL-O) system
  • Proportional Hydraulic Unit
  • Inverted accumulator system with positive extension
  • Patented LCS safety system with ‘System Indicators & Fault Detection’
  • IES, MSK and ZES controls conveniently located on operator workstation
  • Extended nip layboy arms for positive sheet separation
  • Vibrator tube with scrap deflector, brush, and scrap pan
  • Layboy blower system with quick angle adjust manifold
  • 5” wide fixed deck belts with close centers
  • Electrically positioned, spring-loaded, Carriage-style Snubbing Wheels
  • Deck-mounted Carriage Wheels with ‘gang’ nip adjust and lift
  • Batch Building for individual or nicked bundles
  • Soft-Stop System – Detects bottom limit for Pallets/Dunnage sheets
  • EZ-Set layboy positioning
  • Shingle brush assembly
  • Whisker brush
  • 4 Out Layboy Capability
  • Pivoting Transfer Deck Assembly
  • Zero Crush Roller
  • Vacuum Belts
  • ZFI (Zero Feed Interrupt System)
  • Pallet Inserter System
  • Pozi-Link Flat Belt, Floor Conveyor
  • Pozi Link Conveyor with Scissors Lift
  • Multi-Sensor Jam Detector
  • Takeaway Conveyor
  • Side By Side Stack Builder
  • Special Attachments for Odd/Irregular Shaped Die Cuts
  • Flex Dividers for Odd/Irregular Shaped Die Cuts