Valu-Stak™ LCS Series Rotary Diecutter Stacker

Efficiency, Reliability, Flexibility, Economy

When you think of Valu-Stack, these may be the first words that come to mind, and rightfully so. Valu-Stack is engineered to ‘get the job done’. It’s quick to set-up and easy to operate, the durable low maintenance design delivers shift after shift of high-performance operation andit can stack virtually anything you can cut from simple trays to multi-out, intricate inner packs.

A long list of standard features, including ability to run 3-across and small, odd-shaped die-cuts, makes the Valu-Stak one of the best values in diecutter stackers today. There’s also a large selection of optional features to customize your Valu-Stak for your specific needs.

Designed to be safe, easy to use, and productive, Valu-Stak combines clear sight lines, conveniently positioned operator and safety controls and the ability to form nearly any die-cut imaginable, with the capability to keep pace with the most productive die cutters.

Valu-Stak’s design allows easy field customization, through upgrades and conversions, providing the ability to take advantage of changing markets or operational purposes.


Valu-Stak™ Rotary Die Cutter Stacker
  • Single and Multi-Up Stacks and Bundles capability
  • Color touch screen order entry system
  • Quick-Set Snubbing Wheels
  • Vari-Stak front end system with;
    • Solid backstop
    • Mid-span cross rails
    • Thin Dividers
    • Flex Dividers
    • Pozi-Level ™ accumulator
  • Proportional Hydraulic unit
  • LCS-LG ‘Patented’ safety system with ‘System Indicators & Fault detection’
  • IES and ZES controls conveniently located on operator work-station
  • Multiple arms for positive sheet separation
  • Vibrator Bar with scrap deflector and brush assembly
  • Round/link belting
  • Dual Scales for easy Layboy Arm Positioning and Skew with assured repeatability
  • 5” wide fixed deck belts on close centers
  • Deck mounted snubbing wheels
  • DL-O (Deck Lock-Out System)
  • Transfer deck
  • Layboy blower system with “on-the-run” quick adjust nozzle
  • Full width layboy scrap conveyor
  • Carriage-Style snubbing wheels
  • 66” transfer deck with 5” belts
  • Pozi-Stack® Dual side-joggers and controls
  • EZ-Adjust cross rail with relocated fixed cross rail
  • Batch Builder Kit
  • Air Cushion nozzle
  • Access-Style Backstop (replaces solid backstop)
  • Integrated Compensator Controls
  • Bundle Takeaway Conveyor
  • BTS/BOS/BOL for nicked bundle breakers
  • Pozi-Link, mesh style powered floor conveyor
  • PFC/scissor lift assembly
  • Inserter™ Pallet/bottom sheet inserter
  • 4-Out layboy
  • High Boardline, 42”-48”
  • UL508 Labeling
  • Recommended spare parts
  • Side-by-Side stack builder kit
  • Special devices for irregular shapes

Valu-Stak Control System

The Valu-Stak Control System provides the stacker operator with convenient access to all controls needed to quickly and precisely set-up, adjust and run any stacking or bundling job. A movable pendent allows the operator to move the control to the position that’s most convenient for set-up and production.

A color touch screen and user-friendly interface simplifies control identification and adds to the speed and ease of set-up and operation.


User-friendly conveniently located, pendant mounted control