Real-time process monitoring and archiving

Due to increased operating speeds, today’s modern high-performance/LBX-SBX stacking systems run too fast for the operator to observe the product flow and to identify potential jams at the machine’s critical transition points. Simply stated, the board is just traveling too fast!

 Recognizing this need, the Geo. Martin Company has developed the SmartView™ Board Surveillance System (BSS), which consists of four cameras, strategically placed, such that all critical transitional points are digitally recorded. Should a jam, or loss of sheet control occur, the video can be recalled and slowed, allowing the operator to quickly identify and address the root cause of the problem. SmartView is available on all new RDC Stackers, and retrofittable to existing Geo. Martin Stackers.

Quik-Break III
SmartView board surveillance system main console
SmartView Screen Die cutter display
SmartView Screen Intermediate deck display
SmartView Hopper display
SmartView quad-view display

4 Cameras:

  • 2 high-speed at the Operator & Drive Side at Die Cutter to Layboy/Scrubber™ Transition
  • 1 for Operator Side at Layboy/Scrubber to Transfer Deck
  • 1 for Drive Side at Stacking Deck to Hopper

All Support Electronics including:

  • High Definition Monitor integrated into Stacker Operator Station
  • Industrial CPU located in Air-Conditioned Stacker Cabinet
  • Surveillance Software installed to watch both real-time and slow replay
  • Real-time surveillance of critical transition points
  • See the action that was ‘too fast to see’
  • Archive footage for training and trouble shooting
  • Slow motion, full speed and stop frame playback to assist with trouble shooting an issue resolution
  • Simultaneous view of all critical area from a single view port
  • Individual camera view for closeup detail
  • Remote access to live or archived video