Automatic Press Stacker


Automatic Press Stacker

Durable, versatile and low maintenance — all in an economical package

Durable, versatile and low maintenance, Geo. Martin Automatic Press Stackers are designed to match the production of the industry’s most productive presses. The intelligent use of the latest technologies allows Geo. Martin to offer converters a state-of-the-art stacker that is easy to use and simple to maintain. The open design of the sturdy U-shaped chassis provides easy access to hydraulic components and ample room for pallet and Pull-Pac insertion systems. Geo. Martin’s articulating front end design, keeps the accumulator parallel to the floor through the entire stacking cycle, delivering perfectly square, strap-ready loads, stack after stack. Available in a wide range of sizes, from 66” to 220”, there is a Martin Automatic Press Stacker to fit virtually all of your press stacking requirements.


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  • Variable Speed Tracking Drive
  • Stacker mounted ‘Easy-Set’ snubbing wheels
  • Intuitive full color touch screen order entry system
  • Pneumatically operated accumulator rack
  • Hydraulic filter pop-up
  • Proportional Hydraulics
  • Soft-Stop detection device
  • Powered roll-out
  • Patented LCS Safety System with ‘System Indicators & Fault Detection’
  • IES, MSK and ZES controls
  • Deck Lock-out (DL-O) system
  • Heavy-duty, gang-adjusted snubbing wheels
  • Optional deck-mounted Snubbing Wheels
  • Single/dual powered side joggers
  • L-type backstops
  • Side Catcher System
  • Powered floor conveyor
  • PFC/scissor lift assemblies
  • Inserter™ Pallet/bottom sheet inserter
  • Bundle Transfer conveyor
  • High Boardline, 42”– 48”
  • UL508 Labeling
  • Recommended spare parts