BCN 2017 Supplier Report

Feb 20, 2017

2016 was an exciting and busy year for the Geo. M. Martin Company as we focused on a healthy production backlog, new technology R&D and SuperCorrExpo 2016. The popularity of the Martin’s LBX Scrubber® Stacker continued to grow breaching new international as well as domestic markets.

The introduction of the new LBX MEGA-STAK Scrubber Rotary Die Cut Stacker was met with great excitement at SuperCorrExpo. Based on the very popular and proven LBX Scrubber design, the new stacker series includes many of the standard and optional features of its predecessor while incorporating new features and improvements to the popular design. The Scrubbers patented upper and adjustable lower offset wheel assemblies combine with unique scrappers and strategically located brushes to eliminate virtually all scrap before the blanks enter the layboy.

The MEGA-STAK offers a wide range of standard and optional features that allow the convertor to customize the machine to perfectly meet their specific production needs. For a full list of MEGA-STAK features and benefits visit

2016 also saw sustained growth of Geo. Martin’s Quick-Break® II nicked bundle line systems. Converters worldwide continue to realize the need to maximize the usage of the die drum surface in order to compete in current and future markets. Converters report doubling or tripling production simply by making use of more die surface. However, the gains from multi-out production go far beyond just square feet per machine feed. Properly nicked blanks allow diecutter operations to run at higher and more consistent production speeds, reduce or eliminate jams, and the reduce scrap especially where nesting allows the use of shared knife.

The wider 92 inch Quik-Break II also allows converters to run two bundle logs of wider blanks, serving virtually all pizza box sizes, and can run logs that are 54 inches or greater.

Geo. M. Martin Company would like to thank our loyal customers and industry partners for contributing to a very successful 2016. We look forward to 2017 with a commitment and enthusiasm for R&D of new products, commitment to our customers and customer service and development of new and exciting products and markets.