BCN Supplier Report, 2023 Geo. M. Martin

Feb 20, 2023

Emeryville, California: Dan D’Angelo, Vice President Sales, Geo. M. Martin Company reports, “It appears we are finally pulling out of the full pandemic era, or at least learning to cope with it. There is indeed a new normal, and business practices certainly have changed. While we are slowly returning to a more pre-pandemic environment, we are encouraged to see these changes continue to strengthen over time.

“Travel, despite the airlines best efforts to inconvenience travelers, is returning to a more normal status. The all-important face-to-face customer meetings continue to become more regular. In situations where in-person meetings with customers aren’t practical, we have continued to refine our lines of communication to ensure our customers receive the outstanding service, attention, and support they expect from the Geo. M. Martin Company.”

“Domestic and international sales continue to remain strong. We maintained a steady backlog for new machines throughout 2022 and are carrying that over into 2023 and beyond. Sales of upgrades for existing machinery have also gained momentum over the past two years. Taking advantage of our latest innovations, converters can add new capabilities to their existing equipment and enhance the productivity and profitability of existing lines.”

LBX SCRUBBER Rotary Die Cutter Stacker with SQX Diverter“Since its inception, our patented SCRUBBER® Technology has proven to be the industry leader for high-speed sheet control and maximum scrap removal on rotary die cut stackers. LBX and SBX SCRUBBER stackers offer a wide range of standard and optional features, allowing them to be configured to meet converters’ specific needs.”

“With the current state of the workforce, process automation continues to be a growing trend, as converters search for ways to maximize efficiency, retain human resources and optimize labor. Our Automated Hopper with Servo Rack Accumulator is engineered to address this trend. This feature automates positioning of all major components of the hopper, including the backstop, crossbar, side tampers and accumulator, based on job parameters entered during setup. In most cases, this eliminates the need for measuring and precise tuning, and once a job recipe is saved into memory, it can be recalled and positioned at the touch of a button. Setup time is reduced and chances for errors minimized,”

“Geo. M. Martin’s Improvement and Development department has recently undergone expansion, both in terms of space and personnel. As a result, we are excited to offer new and innovative additions to our product lineup over the coming months.”

“As 2022 ends, and 2023 begins, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support, and wish them all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!”

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