Geo. M. Martin Company 2015 Supplier’s Report

Feb 11, 2015

Now with 47, and soon our 48th, LBX Scrubber® installed, Geo. Martin Rotary Die Cut Stackers continue setting the new standard converting corrugated die cut boxes at record rates. In many installations this is enabling converting at double to triple previous performance levels. In addition to the dramatic increases in speed, the LBX Scrubber empowers boxmakers to deliver die cut boxes that are virtually “free” of scrap and trim, thereby redefining their capabilities in the marketplace.

In 2015 Geo. Martin will be introducing multiple new products as well as updating existing offerings. We will soon introduce a new Bundle Takeaway System (Matrix) that eliminates any bottom sheet crush when making full stacks. This new technology also allows improved operator access to the hopper section for set up.

Our Select and Valu-Stak RDC Stackers have a new and enhanced scrap removal system now in beta testing. This enhancement is designed for both new and existing Geo. Martin RDC Stackers and will significantly improve the scrap removal process. Early testing results have been quite positive and a mid-year launch is anticipated.

Geo. Martin will also soon announce a new, Automatic Pallet Insertion System that will allow a one up/one across pallet to be positioned such that one and two up full stacks can be formed, per pallet. For wider machines, the system can also insert and position two across pallets, which will also allow one and two up full stacks to be formed. This new automatic pallet insertion system is highly efficient, allowing top stacker/press speeds without limitations.

Our trend-setting Quik-Break (QBII Breakers), have gone through recent design changes that allow even faster cycle rates. When combined with both roller (and new flat belt) bundle conveyor line systems, improved performance gains are quickly realized.

In all, last and this year look very positive for our customers based on the new reality of faster converting speeds, and producing a cleaner “better box” for the boxmaker. Our R&D group continues to be among the most active in the industry and we look forward to introducing further machine improvements, features and systems as the year progresses.

The Geo. M. Martin Company wishes to thank its customers for a mutually profitable 2014, and we look forward to further gains in 2015.