Geo. Martin to introduce exciting new products at SuperCorrExpo 2016

Aug 16, 2016

Recognizing the demand for “consistency” and production data on box orders, Geo Martin introduces three new products at SuperCorrExpo engineered to improve performance of Rotary Die-Cut Stacking Lines and High Speed/High Capacity Nicked Bundle Lines. Based on the Scrubber® Technology, these new products deliver superior sheet control and exceptional scrap removal while offering enhanced versatility, improved cycle rates and a remarkably small nicked-bundle size. With over 60 LBX Scrubber Stackers in operation producing rates of 200 to 400 MSF per hour, one system often replaces three conventional systems.

Geo Martin further enhances waste reduction with a new quality control system that monitors die-cut blanks, identifies out of spec product and interacts with the press to minimize waste.