Posi-Link™ Conveyor (PLZ)

Smooth transport for bundles and stacks

The ability to transport corrugated material in a smooth, controlled fashion greatly improves the reliable automation and productivity associated with superior material handling equipment. The Pozi-Link conveying technology improves the quality of transfer of both full stacks and small bundles.

Pozi-Link™ Conveyor (PLZ) Flat Conveyor
  • Flat conveyor surface allows operator to safely walk across a non-moving conveyor.
  • Integral yellow safety stripes on the belts allow the operator to easily identify and avoid walking on a moving conveyor.
  • High impact linked plastic belting provides perfectly flat, consistent transfer of material, without ‘bottom sheet creep’ found with roller conveyors.
  • Linked belt is driven with a common shaft and sprocket, thus assuring no slip or skew between parallel belts. Variable acceleration, deceleration and peak speed motor drive allow even unstable stacks to be moved with positive control.
  • Digital Encoder* to ensure accurate and consistent belt position.
  • Legs – for in-line bundling operations
  • Scissors – for Full-Load/Downstacking operation (hydraulics for lift provided)
  • 3-axis motion available