Stack Inverter

Innovative Inline Stack Inverter

The innovative Geo. M. Martin Company Stack Inverter fits into a powered floor conveyor line and inverts finished stacks of corrugated boxes on demand. It is fast, handling up to three stacks per minute. If you are running a bundle line operation, you now have a choice: you can invert bundles within your powered bundle conveyor line with our Bundle Inverter or invert whole stacks in your shipping conveyor line with our Stack Inverter. Our Stack Inverter does not require a pit and operates at a standard conveyor height of 12”. It can invert stacks up to 72” tall without the need for additional floor clearance.

The Geo. M. Martin Company Stack Inverter is compact in design, allowing stacks to be closely staged for quick entry and exit. Variable speed drives bring a stack into the machine where it is quickly inverted. The Stack Inverter can interface to your existing conveyor system, so that loads can be promptly identified for “pass through” or inverted as needed.

Stack Inverter used to flip stacks of corrugated sheets or blanks
    • When installed behind the unitizer, this machine can invert loads from any or all of your converting machines
    • No pit required
    • Two full-width, polymer-link belts sandwich the stack, providing flat, low-maintenance, high-friction surfaces for positive grip during rotation
    • Invert or pass-through mode may be selected or programmed for each load

    * Custom sizes are available in 12” increments with a longer lead time
    ** Includes height of pallet