Jumbo Stacker

jumbo_stackerJumbo Rotary Diecutter Stacker

When you need big, we have it!

With the introduction of large format, Rotary Diecutters, the Geo. Martin Company developed the “Jumbo RDC Stacker” Series for press widths of 150″ (3810 MM), 180″ (4572 MM), 200″ (5080 MM), and 220″ (5588 MM).

Designed for large die cut boxes, RSC’s with hand holes/vents, and at times a typical rotary mix of sizes and shapes, the Martin Jumbo Series incorporates most of the Select Series features and options, so it can be customized to meet the converters product mix. As these needs change, the machines are fully upgradeable.


For additional information or to receive a product brochure, call +1-510-652-2200, or email info@geomartin.com

  • Stack by Height and/or Count Capability
  • AC Vector Stacking Deck and Layboy Tracking Drives
  • Three-Across by Four-Up Capability
  • Powered Roll-Out from the Press
  • Full Stack and Batch Building Capability
  • High Performance Counter (this was under options)

  • High Performance Counter
  • Inserter Systems (most sizes)
  • Batch Builder System
  • Layboy Blower System
  • Gang-Set Snubbing Wheel Assemblies
  • Slat/Accumulator System
  • High Boardline Capability