LBX: SCRUBBER® Rotary Die Cutter Stacker

Superior Scrap Removal with Unmatched Sheet Control

A high-performance die cutter is only as fast as the equipment behind it. A Geo. M. Martin LBX Rotary Die Cutter Stacker with SCRUBBER Technology behind your high-speed die cutter, maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your die cutting line. Whether you’re running bundles or single or multi-out die cuts, you’ll never have to slow down because the stacker can’t keep up. It’s wide open all the way.

SCRUBBER Technology provides the superior scrap removal and unmatched sheet control necessary to virtually eliminates scrap in the load and blank skewing caused by impinged scrap or loss of sheet control through the vibrator section.

Perfect, square, virtually scrap-free, shrink wrap or strap ready stacks and bundles at maximum speed!


LBX SCRUBBER Rotary Die Cutter Stacker. Increase productivity and virtually eliminate scrap in your loads!
LBX SCRUBBER Rotary Die Cutter Stacker with SQX Diverter

Unmatched Scrap Removal

Your customers don’t want scrap in their loads that can cause automated packaging systems to jam. You can’t afford to deal with scrap that causes jams and lost productivity in your die cut lines.

The SCRUBBER’s unique design eliminates scrap handling

  • Belts have been replaced by multiple rows of staggered wheels that provide ample room for scrap to fall through to the scrap conveyor system.
  • Opposing hexagonal beater bars provide superior agitation for enhanced scrap detachment and removal
  • Internal brush contains and sweeps scrap from the top of the blank prior to SCRUBBER exit
  • Opposing final brushes capture and remove any lingering scrap
  • Standard SCRUBBER Features
  • Full opening Upper SCRUBBER Deck with mechanical safety interlocks provides safe, easy access for maintenance and housekeeping
  • Spring-loaded Rollout Guards
  • Automatic Internal Belt Cleanout System
  • Integrated Scrap Conveyor
  • Full Automatic Set-up
  • Built-in Support System
  • Single and Multi-Up Stacks and Bundles
  • Smart-Stak Order Entry System
  • Integrated Compensator Controls
  • Pozi-Stack front end system with Access style backstops
  • EZ-adjust cross rail for on the run adjustments
  • Air Cushion Nozzle System
  • Inverted Accumulator System with positive extension
  • IES and ZES Controls conveniently located on operator work-station
  • Proportional Hydraulic Unit
  • Batch Building Kit for individual or nicked bundles
  • Soft Stop System – Detects bottom limit for pallets/dunnage sheets
  • LCS-LG II Safety System
  • Straight-thru Transfer Deck
  • Full width, Zero Crush Snubber Roll Assembly
  • Diverting Transfer Deck for 4-Across by 4-Up capability
  • Pivoting Transfer Deck
  • Multi Sensor Jam Detector System
  • Ventilated Manifold
  • LEC – Lead Edge Catcher
  • THS – Transfer Hold System
  • DAP – Deck Access Package