Log Rotation Unit

Fast and easy log orientation

Bundles that are nicked together, known as Bundle Logs, may require one of the Geo. Martin Log Rotation Units (LRUs) depending on your plant layout and speed requirements.

This unit allows Right Angle Flow at standard speed using belt transfer only. This is the most common style LRU since it allows a Bundle Log to be transferred at a right angle from the Stacker onto the LRU. Once the LRU has rotated 90 degrees, the length of the log will be traveling parallel to, but offset from, the centerline of the die cutter. This will often allow Bundle Line Systems to fit into plants where space is tight. After the log is ejected from the LRU, the belts must rotate back before receiving the next log.

Log Rotator
  • Belt only conveying for low inertia, high speed cycle.
  • Multiple sizes to match your layout requirements.
  • Rotation table control with digital feedback servo system, allowing fast/smooth performance regardless of line load variation.
  • Guides keep belts centered and prevent sheets from getting under belts.
  • Arc-to-straight transition using graduated rollers between the entry and exit conveyors and the rotating conveyor
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