Quik-Break II™


Quik-Break II Nicked Bundle Separator

The latest generation of enhanced productivity

It takes only minutes to set up the Quik-Break II nicked bundle separator; however, the setup savings don’t stop there. When using theQuik-Break II, the savings are passed along to the stacker and press operations, as multi-out jobs are treated as a single, one up operation and the complications of multi-out setups are eliminated.



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  • Quick response proportional hydraulics
  • Batch mode indexing for increased production speeds
  • Automatic tracking of wide conveyor belt
  • Easy access controls and touch screen interface with built-in diagnostics
  • Automatic bundle height sensing
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Variable speed belts for smooth transport of tall bundles
  • Quick setup with conveniently located, easy to learn and use controls
  • Separates virtually all standard and nested designs
  • Breaks multiple logs of nicked bundles simultaneously
  • Upper platen air bags conform to varying height bundles while applying even pressure throughout break cycle, especially applicable when running multiple rows of nicked bundles
  • Consistent separation of bundles with varying heights or counts
  • Automatic platen offset for running nested bundles (up to 12 inches)
  • Touch screen control for quick setup and fine-tuning
  • Unique “Break & Pull” technology improves cycle speed and separates interleaved bundles without causing sheet or edge damage
  • State-of-the-art PLC controls and enhanced proportional hydraulics for fast, smooth, trouble-free operation