Quik-Lift™ Conveyor

Quik-Lift versatility brings bundle / stack line convenience to small spaces

In a tightly spaced bundle line layout, where full stacks are also being produced, it is not unusual to see bundle conveyors crossing floor mounted exit conveyor, in order to reach a load former. With quick order change capability in mind, the Quik-Lift Conveyor was designed to span the floor conveyor and when lowered, transfer bundles in a positive manner. When running full stacks, the conveyor lift is quickly raised, allowing full stacks to pass beneath it.

The system comes standard with a self-locking gearbox and 4 ratcheting safety devices (one on each corner). Combined with heavy-duty construction and two controls for manual-lifting, the Quik-Lift provides a safe, fast solution to your layout problem with no extra floor space required.

Quik-Lift Bundle Mode

Quik-Lift Stack Mode