RDC Stacker – Disrupting Conventional Industry Practices!

Sep 22, 2023

LBX SCRUBBER Rotary Die Cutter Stacker with SQX Diverter

(first published in IPBI NA Fall 2023 issue – view article)


Geo. M. Martin Company’s patented Scrubber® Technology disrupted conventional industry practices and ultimately has transformed the latest generation of rotary die cutter stacker technology. Engineered to maximize the capacity and throughput of all rotary die cutters, the LBX Scrubber Stacker combines unmatched sheet control with superior scrap removal to produce perfectly square, virtually scrap-free stacks and bundles at maximum speed. Recent R&D efforts have taken a likeminded approach, developing a wide range of standard and optional features that further allow converters to achieve unprecedented, and not long ago unconceivable, production rates. The Geo. Martin LBX and SBX Scrubber Stackers can be configured to meet the converters’ specific needs. Feature compatibilities allow Geo. Martin stackers to be easily upgraded or reconfigured for ever-changing market demands.

The innovative SQC and SQX Diverter Systems have brought an enhanced level of quality and performance to rotary die cutter lines. The SQC system automatically removes sheets for operator inspection at press speeds up to 200 sheets/min. The SQX sheet diverting system combines the features of SQC with additional scrap removal capabilities making it ideal for scrap critical operations. With the insatiable appetite for higher speeds in the corrugated industry, Martin offers an optional high-speed die cutter package for die cutter applications above 200 sheets/min.

The Automated Hopper with new Servo Rack Accumulator is a popular feature for converters focused on efficiency and productivity. Consistent with the theme of increased automation, the Auto-Positioning Front-End provides programmed motorized adjustments to the backstop, crossbar, and side tampers upon order entry. Further reducing operator error, the new Servo Rack Accumulator provides consistently smooth operation and does not require manual tuning or adjustment, as order memory automatically adjusts the accumulator’s extend distance.

Quik-Break III nicked bundle breaker

Quik-Break III nicked bundle breaker cleanly separates nicked die cut bundles up to 92″ wide.

Geo Martin’s latest generation of bundle separators, the Quik-Break™ III (QB-III) features significantly faster cycle speed, a soft stop/start break and pull cycle, and unique multi-function “gapless” upper platen which eliminates edge roll on small bundles. The upper platens can be set to apply equal pressure when running variable bundle log heights or to operate even faster as a solid platen for most one across bundle logs. QB-III is available in 68” and 96” width and can be configured with optional Telescoping Flat Belt Outfeed Conveyor (TFC) and Quik-Park™ Retractable Flat Belt or Roller entry conveyors.

Geo. M. Martin offers a complete range of nicked bundle line components and material handling solutions to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and capabilities of your converting operation.