Sioux City sets production record with SCRUBBER

Jun 7, 2023

WestRock Sioux City set die cutting production record with LBX:SCRUBBER

Geo. M. Martin 130″ LBX:SCRUBBER™ Stacker plays key role in breaking production record

On June 1, 2023 WestRock Sioux City, Iowa set a new company-wide die cutter production record for eight-hour shift.

The crew of the SUN 625 die cutter line crushed the old company record by converting 2,014,173 sqft in eight-hour shift. An average of 8,236 kicks per minute. The SUN die cutter is backed up by a Geo. M. Martin 130” LBX:SCRUBBER™ RDC Stacker. The LBX:SCRUBBER provides superior sheet control and unmatched scrap removal allowing maximum speed on even the fastest rotary die cutters.

The previous company record was 1,537,522 sqft in eight hours, an average of 7,274 kicks per minute.

Congratulations to the Sioux City die cutter crew (Mario Garcia, Eric Erickson, Shawn Peterson, Casey Walker) and all the support members that are necessary to achieve such goals.

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