2019 BCN Supplier Report

Mar 1, 2019

Dan D'Angelo VP Sales Geo. M. MartinDan D’Angelo, VP Sales, George M. Martin Co., reports that interest in their Scrubber® Technology continued to grow throughout the global market in 2018. “We also introduced some very exciting new features and products in the past year,” says D’Angelo. “We are entering 2019 with a manageable backlog of new orders and a continued focus on R&D that further expands our range of productivity and performance enhancing material handling solutions.”

“Geo. M. Martin Company’s patented Scrubber® Technology for Geo Martin Rotary Die Cutter Stackers provides unmatched sheet control and virtually scrapless stacks and bundles. Scrubber Technology replaces the upper and lower friction driven belts of the scrap removal sections with upper and lower rows of offset, non-marring wheels driven with timing belts for perfect velocity control. This design allows die-cut scrap to fall clear of the blanks preventing impinged scrap from riding along the belts into the layboy section. Results are virtually scrap-free stacks and bundles.

Geo. Martin Rotary Scrubber Stackers are available with a wide range of standard and optional features to maximize the performance, efficiency, finished product quality and profitability of your high-speed diecutting operations. Scrubber Technology is available across the range of new Geo. Martin Rotary Die Cutter Stackers and offers the same maximum sheet control and superior scrap removal as a field retrofit for existing Geo. Martin Stackers.

Quik-Break™ III

The new Quik-Break III (QBIII) is the latest generation of the popular Geo. Martin Quik-Break Separator. QBIII enhances productivity and product quality with a number of feature improvements, including: a new cycle time that is substantially faster than the QBII, an upgraded “Soft Start/Stop Break and Pull” cycle, unique multi-function ‘gapless’ upper platen, narrow bundle mode and proportional hydraulics. The QBIII is available in 68”, as well as 92” widths.

Benefits of the QBIII include eliminating edge roll on small width bundles, multi-across breaks in a single cycle, quick setup with reduced stacker setup time, ‘Batch Mode’ indexing, automatic wide belt tracking, platen offset for nested bundles and bundle height sensing.

Other new Geo Martin products include the Pitless Floor Conveyor (PFC) and the Trench Cover Plate (TCP). PFC integrates Pozi-Link Conveyor technology with a custom designed heavy-duty, low-profile scissors lift to provide the best of both worlds without the need to construct a pit. The TCP creates a safe working platform between the stacker and die cutter by automatically covering the plant scrap trench while the stacker is rolled-out.

A single source provider of complete nicked bundle line systems, Geo. Martin offers a full range of bundle line components to create a production solution that perfectly matches the converter’s needs.

We want to thank all our valued customers and partners, both old and new, who helped us enjoy a successful 2018. We looked forward to continuing these mutually beneficial partnerships through 2019 and into the future.